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Beautiful leggy blonde Marci Jensen had fallen in love, and much to her surprise it was with another GIRL, and not even with another ultra-femme pretty young woman like herself. No, she’d fallen for her former high school classmate, Cora Billingsley, a somewhat taller & butchy-girl with short dark hair who had actually taken the slender blonde beauty back to her trailer and fucked her! And Marci had completely LOVED every minute of it!

As yet, neither girl’s family was as yet aware of their blissful first encounter. Cora’s mother was a sales-rep who was often out on the road, while Marci’s own parents were just happy to know that their daughter wasn’t hanging out with the wrong kind of boy. When they’d learned that Marci had instead befriended a girl her own age who wanted a career in law enforcement, they were actually relieved.

Meanwhile, Marci & Cora continued to enjoy one another’s company. On the weekend, when Marci’s parents were most likely to be out, the pretty blonde often invited the other girl over to her house so that she could surprise her in her sexy little thong bikini that Cora delighted in watching her wearing as they frolicked together in Marci’s backyard swimming pool! In fact, the only thing Cora enjoyed more than seeing her beautiful blonde girlfriend in that teeny-tiny bikini was later peeling it OFF of the girl’s nubile young body in the privacy of her bedroom!

While Marci had a couple of months to go before she’d be leaving home for college, Cora had already applied and been accepted by the state’s police academy, and would be leaving town in only a matter of days. The two young women were determined to enjoy their remaining time together, despite not possessing enough funds to take a trip to somewhere exciting, and Marci certainly didn’t want to ask her parents for the money, as that would involve her revealing the details of her relationship with her butchy-looking girlfriend, which she wasn’t as yet prepared to do.

In the end, the two girls chose to go to Alice’s, the lesbian bar where they’d enjoyed their first “date” together. The bar hosted a ‘butch/femme night’ every Saturday, with the best butch/femme couple drinking free. Cora wore her black jeans, dark tee-shit, and leather jacket, while Marci put on a white schoolgirl shirt (showing off her bare midriff) and an extremely short plaid schoolgirl skirt exposing all of her bare slender long legs (all the way up to her butt!) In addition, the girl had on cute black pumps & white ankle socks, and looked overall stunning! Cora couldn’t help but lick her lips at the sight of Marci prancing about in that super-sexy attire!

There was no reason for Marci to sneak out of the house as her parents were away for the weekend, and so Cora picked her up on her motorcycle, onto which they made the short drive to their favorite pub. Of course, the pretty’s blonde’s entrance was an immediately sensation, noted by everybody, with the two young girls predictably getting free beer as far-&-away the hottest butch/femme couple there. Only once again, they didn’t really drink all that much. Cora was driving, and didn’t dare operate her motorcycle while tipsy, while Marci said she really didn’t care all that much for the taste of beer.

But that didn’t mean that they didn’t have fun. The two young women were an immediate hit on the dance floor, as the regular biker-girl patrons very much enjoyed watching the beautiful blonde in the extremely short schoolgirl skirt wiggling her sexy ass while dancing seductively with her butchy girlfriend. Marci knew very well how to move her delicious young body and was having a lot fun! And having an audience of drooling older women watching only made her more determined to show off what she had for their pleasure & enjoyment! At one point, Cora bent the pretty girl over at the waist while slowly grinding on her from behind, which brought forth loud applause from the regular patrons.

“Fuck her,” one woman shouted over the sound of the song blaring from the juke box – an oldie by the group Exile (‘Kiss You All Over’) – with Cora’s grabbing at the pretty blonde’s hips and pretending to rhythmically ride her from behind. Marci’s surprised expression made it appear as if Cora was doing exactly that! The women watching cheered their approval. They cheered even louder when Cora then swiftly knelt down behind her pretty dance partner, quickly lifting up Marci’s short skirt, and then planting a kiss on the beautiful blonde’s gorgeous ass! Marci was blushing as Cora quickly rose up, turned the girl around, and kissed her on her lips! Again, the applause from the many onlookers was loud & raucous!

“I can’t believe you did that,” Marci cried out, although Cora could quickly see that Marci was anything-but-offended. “You’re so bad!”

Cora responded by kissing her again on her beautiful pouty lips, with her hands possessively clutching Marci’s cute little butt while the two continued dancing. She continued affectionately squeezing the bahis firmaları girl’s delicious buns while the other women looked on enviously, wishing that it was their hands fondling the pretty blonde’s curvy butt.

After the two girls left the bar, they sped back home to Marci’s place, with Cora immediately beginning to pull off the girl’s clothing within seconds after unlocking the front door and closing it behind them. As the pretty girl wasn’t wearing all that much to begin with, by the time they reached Marci’s bedroom door, she was completely nude, with Cora then pulling the pretty blonde by her hand down onto the bed where she then began passionately covering Marci’s body with kisses.

“Why do you always completely undress me?” the pretty blonde laughingly complained, “while remaining completely clothed yourself?”

“And the problem is…?”

“You make me feel like I’m some girl you just picked-up!”

“Not at all… it’s just that I prefer you being naked with me,” Cora stated, her hands continuing to roam freely over the pretty blonde’s nude young body as she held her tightly. “But if you’d like me to remove some of my own clothing, I suppose I can do that.”

Cora stood up and took off her leather jacket, before then pulling down her black bluejeans before getting back in bed with the naked girl. She pushed Marci down onto her back, holding the girl’s wrists over her head as she bent down to lovingly kiss her. The kissing continued as her lips then moved down to the girl’s pretty breasts, which she kissed, licked, and gently sucked, with the pretty blonde closing her eyes & moaning softly as her delicious body was thus enjoyed.

The next target of Cora’s mouth was the exposed region between Marci’s legs, now opened wide for the larger girl’s carnal enjoyment. Her tongue soon found its way inside the girl’s pussy, with her lips once again busy kissing, licking, & gently sucking at the pretty blonde’s innermost regions, sending the girl into spasms of pleasure. After spending several minutes with her head firmly lodged between Marci’s legs, Cora was ready to sample something different.

“Turn over,” she ordered. “I want your pretty ass!”

Marci laughed and quickly flipped over onto her stomach, slightly lifting her butt so that it was right in Cora’s somewhat flushed face. The larger girl wasted no time in planting her face firmly against the pretty blonde’s firm rump, biting, nibbling, & kissing the girl’s firm flesh, as her hands wrapped themselves around the girl’s thighs.

“Why do you like my butt so much?” Marci ventured to ask, thoroughly enjoying the loving attention that her behind was receiving from the other girl. She sensually wiggled it for Cora’s benefit.

“Your ass is perfect,” Cora responded. “And it’s all mine… this beautiful butt belongs to me!”

Again Marci laughed as the other girl’s lips & mouth continued to devour her curvy derriere with abandon. She really did feel at this moment as if she was Cora’s property, there only for the other girl’s enjoyment. It was a wonderful thought. She luxuriously stretched out her entire body, keeping only her shapely bottom poised slightly upward for her lover’s convenience. Again, she wiggled it ever so seductively in Cora’s face, to be rewarded with several more passionate kisses!

Eventually, exhaustion overtook the two young women, and they both soon fell asleep. When she awoke very early the next morning, Marci was still completely nude, with Cora apparently using her naked ass as her pillow, the larger girl’s right hand halfway up the pretty blonde’s thigh. If Cora had been wearing lipstick, Marci thought, her entire body would be marked with her lip prints. Very slowly she extricated herself from the other girl’s embrace and slipped out of bed. Her bedroom clock said it was six-fifteen.

Marci felt like she needed a shower, as her entire body was essentially covered with a fine layer of her girlfriend’s saliva, but she feared that turning on the shower at this early hour might awaken Cora, and so decided instead to simply go outside and take a dip in the swimming pool. Yes, it might be a bit on the cool side at this hour of the morning, but that was nothing she couldn’t handle. Marci snatched a bikini unseen from her dresser drawer and put it on in the dark. It was the skimpy one with the thong bottoms. No matter. She tip-toed outside of her bedroom, heading into the kitchen to start the coffee maker.

Outside it was still mostly dark as she made her way to the swimming pool, slowly entering at the shallow end. The water was a bit colder than she expected it to be, but she continued to wade in as planned. As she adjusted to the temperature, she had to admit that it all felt wonderful on her skin. After then slowly swimming only a couple of laps, she proceeded to climb out and make her way back inside to the kitchen to pour herself a cup of coffee, complete with milk and two sugars.

“Good morning,” a soft voice kaçak iddaa sounded from the hallway leading to her bedroom. Of course, it was Cora. Her dark shaggy hair was all askew, but the larger girl was smiling as she stifled a yawn. Marci thought she looked beautiful!

“Can I get you a cup of coffee?” Marci asked, as Cora approached and hugged her, kissing her on her forehead.

“Coffee sounds wonderful,” she responded, yawning, and then nodding when Marci asked if she wanted cream & sugar. “Don’t you look hot in that tiny little bikini of yours!”

Marci smiled, wiggling her cute little butt for Cora’s benefit. “I’ve already been in for a dip… the water feels great!”

Cora sat down and sipped at her coffee, staring at the pretty blonde’s gorgeous, barely-clad body. “God… you are so incredibly beautiful!”

Again, the pretty girl smiled, before setting down her coffee cup. “Would you like to go in with me now?”

Cora smiled & nodded. “Sounds like fun.”

“Do you want to borrow a bathing suit?” the pretty blonde asked. “Mine might be too small, but I’ll bet you could fit into one of my mother’s.”

Cora laughed and said no. “I might as well go skinny-dipping,” she said. “Nobody will be spying on us at this hour!”

Marci laughed and the two girls headed outside, hand-in-hand. But then Cora briefly excused herself, returning quickly to the bedroom. When she came back she carried a small bag containing something she said she needed. She then quickly undressed poolside, ordering Marci: “You, too… take it all off!”

“I’m wearing a bikini,” Marci protested, despite already guessing what was going on in Cora’s head. “Why should I go skinny-dipping?”

“Because I prefer you being completely naked when you’re alone with me!”

Marci laughed and quickly peeled out of her skimpy bikini, giving Cora a sexy strip-tease while doing so. The two young women then entered the water together. Once they’d adjusted to the temperature, they embraced & passionately kissed while still in the shallow end. It was growing considerably lighter by this time, but still too early to be seen by any prying neighbors. Both girls then swam about luxuriously. Marci was impressed with Cora’s muscular build, while the other girl delighted in ogling Marci’s feminine curves as she glided effortlessly across the pool without a stitch on.

At this point, Cora reached over to the small bag that she’d brought with her. Marci giggled when she saw the larger girl pull out a strap-on dildo from inside of it, and immediately begin fastening it around her lower abdomen.

“What’s that for?” she asked, despite already knowing the answer.

Cora smiled while she finished adjusting the straps, before then crooking her index finger at Marci, as if to say: “come closer!”

Instead, the pretty blonde turned as if to flee, but then stopped as she reached the shallow end where the water was halfway up her thighs, halting along the side of the pool, before then bending over at the waist, her pretty butt now sticking out while her crossed arms rested comfortably along the side of the pool. She then looked over her shoulder at the other girl, wiggling her ass invitingly. Cora smiled and approached the girl from behind, rubbing lotion on her exposed strap-on.

Marci whimpered ever so slightly as Cora approached her, pretending to be afraid. The larger girl grabbed the pretty blonde from behind and forcefully kissed the back of her exposed neck. Marci arched her back seductively as Cora gently began grinding her from behind. That would be followed seconds later by Cora’s lips travelling down the girl’s back, all the way to her delicious derriere, which was immediately kissed & licked by Cora’s hungry mouth! Marci shuddered as the larger girl’s tongue forced it’s way in between her ass cheeks, running up and down her butt crack.

“I’m yours, Cora,” the pretty blonde cried in a soft whimper. “Please fuck me!”

Cora wasted no time in doing exactly that. She gently mounted Marci’s nude wet body, slowly gliding the strap-on dildo into the pretty girl’s moistened pussy from behind, as she then began to rhythmically fuck the beautiful blonde with the shallow water lapping at her thighs. The larger girl’s hands firmly grasped Marci’s curvy hips, eventually sliding their way up the sides of the beautiful blonde’s slick wet body to possessively grab at the girl’s lovely breasts, which she lovingly squeezed. Marci moaned softly in complete ecstasy while the other girl continued to ride her back & forth in this dominant fashion. Cora, meanwhile, exceedingly enjoyed the dominant feel she had of the pretty blonde’s nude, wet skin and her submissive young body, now under her complete control. She slapped the pretty girl’s delicious butt just for the fun of hearing her cry out.

“Fuck me, Cora,” the girl pleaded. “Make me your plaything… make me your slavegirl!”

The larger girl laughed. Both women were seemingly on the same page. kaçak bahis Cora wanted nothing more than to forever possess this beautiful girl that she was fucking. Again she slapped playfully at Marci’s hot little ass, leaving a palm-print that she considered to be her ‘brand’ on the pretty girl’s delicious bottom.

“You’re all mine,” she hissed in Marci’s ear. “You belong entirely to me… this gorgeous body is my property…”

“Yes… yes… yes,” the pretty girl bleated in response. “I’m yours… I belong to you!”

Both young women exploded in orgasms nearly simultaneously, with Cora leaning over to bite down on Marci’s soft shoulders, almost-but-not-quite hard enough to leave a lasting mark. She continued kissing the girl’s silky soft neck & shoulders as the rhythmic rocking gradually slowed to a halt, with her mouth then swiftly making it’s way down the blonde girl’s back as her strap-on withdrew itself from Marci’s hot little body. Soon Cora’s lips were once again all over the pretty girl’s curvy little rump, covering it with love-bites & kisses. Marci purred contentedly while her ass was thus worshipped.

“I love you, Cora… I love you so much,” she whispered breathlessly.

The fondling & kissing continued for another twenty minutes or so before the two young women decided it was time to return to the house before they were seen together in the pool. Once inside, the lovemaking continued, as Cora couldn’t get enough of Marci’s beautiful nude body. She bent the girl over a couch in the living room and then placed her face up against the pretty blonde’s pussy, devouring the girl from behind. Her strong arms kept the bucking girl’s body in place while her fingers pressed deeply into the girl’s firm flesh where her butt & thighs came together.

“You are just… so… damned… beautiful!”

Marci smiled before then sensually grinding her curvy little derriere against Cora’s welcoming face. Cora then rose to her feet and once again slid her strap-on dildo into Marci’s pussy from behind. Both women wanted this moment to continue forever, but they knew it wasn’t to be. Very soon it would be time for the larger girl to take her leave, as she had a lot of preparing to do before departing for the police academy in just two days. Already, she’d dropped off her dog Whiley at the home of her cousin, while simultaneously finding a neighbor to agree to keep an eye on her soon-to-be vacated trailer. All too soon Cora got dressed and kissed Marci good-bye before returning home.

That night when the pretty blonde girl’s parents returned home, Marci’s mother needed only one look at her daughter’s face to see that something was wrong. Marci explained that her friend Cora would be gone for the next twelve weeks training for a career in law enforcement. Her mother smiled with understanding.

“Everything’s going to be just fine, darling,” she explained. “You’ll be leaving for college yourself in just a couple of months.”

That was certainly true, but it didn’t make being separated from Cora any easier. In fact, if anything, it only made things worse. She felt that she and her new lesbian lover wouldn’t be together again anytime soon, and the very thought depressed her.

The next morning, Marci’s mom came to her daughter’s room saying she had good news. Their next door neighbor, Mrs. Amari, wanted to see her. Mrs. Amari was also know as State Senator Delani Amari, and the fact that she wanted to talk with their daughter was of immediate interest to the girl’s parents.

“Perhaps she wants to offer you a summer internship,” her father suggested. “That’s the kind of thing that always looks good on a resume’!”

“Be sure to wear something nice,” her mother added. “And be polite!”

After taking a quick shower, Marci donned a clean pair of white shorts and a pretty yellow blouse, and walked outside and across the lawn to Mrs. Amari’s place. She really knew very little about the woman, as the State Senator was almost always away from home and busy working at the capital, which was a good hour-&-45-minute drive from here. The woman kept a housekeeper & a gardener on staff to look after her home, which Marci thought was beautiful.

The pretty girl rang the doorbell, which was very soon answered by the lady of the house herself, wearing a dark green pantsuit. Mrs. Amari was a tall woman of Hawaiian-Japanese descent, with short black hair that Marci thought definitely came across as butchy-looking. And having just involved herself in a physical relationship with another butchy girl her own age, Marci had to admit that the fifty-something-year-old state senator looked as if she could very easily swing both ways.

“Hello, Mrs. Amari… I’m Marci Jenson, your next door neighbor!”

“Ah, yes,” the older woman replied, with a warm smile. “Come right in… I’ve been expecting you!”

Marci was impressed with all of the beautiful furnishings in the house as she was led into the living room, and shown a comfortable place to sit.

“Consuela, please bring our young visitor something to drink,” the older woman called out to her housekeeper, who appeared almost instantly. “Would you care for a Coke or maybe an iced tea?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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