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The following story and subsequent series will focus primarily on the play and consumption of human waste including feces and urine. If these topics do not interest you, I would not recommend you read further. If you do, however, continue to read then do not rate this story poorly on its contents alone. Although, constructive criticism and comments are appreciated.

All characters are fictional and over the age of 18.

* * * * *

Chapter 9: A Fitting Disaster

The feeling was indescribably good, Jane beginning to hump violently as the licking of her clit intensified. She was so close. She knew that she was so close. Looking between her legs she found Lilly, the girl’s rose-gold hair sweaty and matted to her face. She had been going at it for quite some time, but Jane knew it would only be a few more seconds until release.

“I’m close!” she shouted, gripping the blankets in her fists. Her muscles tensed as she felt the final pass on her clit, the quick swipe of Lilly’s tongue hurtling her off the cliff that was her orgasm. “FUCK!” her eyes shot open, the teen quickly realizing that it was only a dream. Well, partly anyway.

Because, as she looked around, Jane discovered that she was in Lilly’s room and that the large lump under the covers was none other than the girl herself. She lifted them up to see Lilly’s smiling face, grinning seductively as she worked her way up the bed until she was lying next to the teen.

“Were you just eating me out?” Jane asked, still trying to get her head straight.

“Maybe…” Lilly teased, “Why do you ask? Based on what you were saying and all your little moans, you seemed to be enjoying it.”

It was certainly a new experience but perhaps not the worst way to be woken up. “I just… I was having a dream. I’m trying to figure out what was real and what wasn’t.”

“Ooooh, someone was having a sex dream!” Lilly giggled, causing the teen to blush.

“You were the one eating me out while I slept. Kind of creepy if you ask me,” Jane remarked, though both girls knew it was little more than playful teasing.

“I got you some breakfast, it’s time to get up,” Lilly whispered into Jane’s ear, gently stroking the girl’s chest before giggling once more, “Did that turn you on?”

“What time is it?” Jane ignored the girl’s question, sitting up in the bed.

Turning, Lilly looked over at the clock as she grabbed the plate resting on her bedside table, “8:30. Here, eat some of this before it gets cold.” She handed the teen the plate of eggs, bacon, and toast, “I don’t know what you eat so I got the most basic meal they had.”

“Where did you get it from?” Jane yawned, almost dropping the plate as it was shoved into her hands.

“The dining hall, now let’s go; I want to see you eating something when I get back!” Lilly sprang from the bed, humming as she made her way out of the room.

Jane pulled herself out from the vibrant pink bedspread, setting the plate down once again as she tried to force herself awake. The previous night had run longer than she expected due to their extensive cleaning followed by a long shower. Before they knew it, was almost midnight and they were still in each other’s arms. By that point, they decided it was too late for Jane to get back to her dorm safely and she was better off staying the night with Lilly. At least, that was the excuse they went with.

In reality, Jane had plenty of time to return to her own room but the two just wanted to spend more time together. The time they spent cuddling was especially nice; the teen enjoying the warmth and comfort brought on from Lilly’s close proximity. She felt herself slowly start to drift on, lost in the happy memory. However, Jane was pulled out of it at the last second as Lilly walked back in.

“You still haven’t eaten anything! Get up!” she yanked off the covers revealing Jane’s nude body.

The teen, for her part, didn’t realize that she was completely naked under the sheets, only having a vague recollection of their discussion regarding her not having pajamas the previous night. She tried to pull the blanket from Lilly’s grasp to keep some decency, but it was quickly taken back. “Ok, ok,” Jane put up her hands in defeat, giving up on covering herself.

“If this is going to work, you’ll need to become more of a morning person,” Lilly huffed, sitting on the edge of her bed and grabbing the plate for the second time.

Jane shuffled to the left, giving Lilly more room and preventing the bed from sloping at such a drastic angle. “If this is going to work, you’ll have to realize that is never going to happen. Now, give me the food so that I can eat.”

“Nope, you’ve lost eating privileges,” Lilly declared, picking up the fork and stuffing it full of scrabbled eggs before lifting it towards Jane’s mouth. “Besides, you took control of me last night, I think it only fair that I return the favor,” she pulled the empty fork away, watching the teen bahis firmaları chew.

“Yeah, I’m not really sure what that was about,” Jane swallowed, remembering how she pinned Lilly to the bed, preventing the girl from cumming, “I’m not usually…”

“A dom?” Lilly finished the girl’s thought, shoving another forkful of food in Jane’s face.

Chewing, Jane nodded, “Maybe it was because I was showing you the ropes and then I just… got into it.” Taking another big bite of eggs, she considered the situation again. Of course, her only reference to sex was porn, and what she did with Chloe and Anna. In the latter, she was either an equal or the sub. The incident at the beach where she begged Anna to control her came to the forefront of her mind.

At the time, she enjoyed feeling helpless and being forced to do whatever was instructed of her. The idea that she had no control of her actions, being demanded to do some of the filthiest things she had ever experienced was something else. However, with Lilly she found things were different.

It wasn’t as if Lilly was more suited for the sub role either. The girl was significantly taller than Jane — over 8 inches — and she was quite muscular. Going off of stereotypes, Jane should have been the one being pinned down and controlled. Maybe it was the fact that Lilly just lacked the experience and, once they progressed more, they would assume the opposite roles. Although, Jane wasn’t sure she was ready to give up her position just yet.

“Well, I didn’t mind too much,” Lilly admitted, pulling Jane out of her head and back into the current conversation, “At least my first time was a little exciting.”

“Only a little?”

Lilly made a face, holding up a piece of bacon for Jane, “You know what I mean.”

“Why did you get me breakfast?” Jane asked, changing the subject to address the strange situation she found herself in.

“Because that’s what I’ve always seen them do in movies and stuff. You wake up and have post-sex eggs or whatever. I told you, I don’t know what I’m doing here.” Lilly let Jane finish the piece of toast before taking the plate out of the room and dropping it into the sink in the kitchenette. With that out of the way, she came back and laid beside the teen.

Slipping back down and resting her head on the pillow next to Lilly, Jane smiled, “For future reference, you don’t have to get breakfast every time we have sex. And I like pancakes more than eggs.”

“Hmmm… Still very demanding,” Lilly giggled, looking deep into Jane’s eyes. Pulling her hair to the side, Lilly leaned forward and kissed the girl tenderly, their tongues caressing briefly before she moved back.

Wrapping her arms around Lilly, Jane pulled the girl into a loose hug, a slightly awkward maneuver with them both lying on their sides. “You’re getting better at that,” Jane whispered, twirling a strand of Lilly’s hair around her finger, “Can I tell you something?”

“Is it about how you didn’t like my breakfast?”

“I did like your breakfast, so no.”

“Then go ahead.”

“Ok,” Jane took a long breath, “I just wanted to let you know that I was really worried about what would happen last night. I’m glad it worked out ok.”

“Oh, that’s all?” Lilly smiled, relieved, “I was nervous too. I thought you were going to tell me something terrible like you gave me an STD or something.”

Jane punched Lilly’s shoulder lightly, “No! Don’t be stupid!”

“Sorry, I’m just giving you a hard time. I mean, hell, I was nervous as fuck. That was my first time having sex. From what I’ve seen, you are somewhat of a slut and do it constantly,” Lilly joked, grabbing Jane’s hand and giving it a little kiss. A quiet moan followed, Lilly flipping over the girl’s hand and inspecting it closely.

Watching Lilly left Jane slightly confused as to what was occurring, “Is something wrong?”

“Nothing wrong,” Lilly moaned again, moving the teen’s hand closer to her nose, “I can still smell shit on your fingers. Fuck. It’s so hot.” Lilly gripped her breast through the light t-shirt she was wearing, kneading the flesh as she continued to inhale the evidence of their kinky deeds.

“Yeah, that tends to happen. It takes a while for everything to go away since it gets stuck under your fingernails,” Jane explained. Curious, she grabbed Lilly’s hand and took a sniff, “See, your fingers smell too.”

“I like it. I’ve never had this happen before,” Lilly admitted, now sniffing her own hand.

“I thought you said you played with your shit before,” Jane pulled her hand back, inspecting the tiny brown flecks around the edges of her fingernails and picking away at them.

“Nothing extreme like last night,” Lilly explained, “Just pooping on the floor or masturbating on the toilet while going.”

Hearing this, Jane was genuinely surprised, “Shit, I didn’t realize it was such a big leap. I mean, you tasted your own poop and seemed to be completely fine with it. You never did that before either?”

The kaçak iddaa teen’s question was met with a shaking head from Lilly, “No, not at all. Just smelling it. Once I almost licked a piece that I caught in a piece of toilet paper… but I couldn’t do it. Last night’s atmosphere was just… something else. I was so turned on that I guess my body did it without thinking.”

“I must say, I’m impressed. It took me quite a while to get used to the taste,” Jane slipped forward, giving Lilly a peck on the lips, “You should buy peppermint soap for the smell. It’s one of the only things that work.”

“And how did you come to be such an expert in these matters? You really know a lot.”

“I’ll tell you some other time,” Jane yawned, closing her eyes and turning so that she faced away from Lilly.

“Hey! You’re not falling asleep again!” Lilly grabbed Jane’s shoulder and shook her awake, “We have places to be, now let’s go!” She sprung to her feet, the bed bouncing upwards with her weight removed, flopping Jane onto her back.

“We don’t have anywhere to go. Not this early.”

“So now you don’t want to spend time with me? I was an easy lay and now you’re moving on?” Lilly sighed dramatically, putting a hand on her forehand, “I should have seen it coming! I knew you didn’t care about me!” She continued to put on her little show, trying to get a reaction out of the teen.

Jane tried her best to ignore it but couldn’t help but giggle at the over-the-top performance. “God, you’re grating in the morning. Remind me to leave before you wake up next time,” she said sarcastically, slipping out of bed and standing beside Lilly.

“That would mean getting up pretty damn early which you are apparently against. Besides, I did manage to get you out of bed,” she wrapped an arm around Jane’s back, reaching a little low to squeeze the teen’s tight bottom.

Slapping the hand away, Jane lifted her arms into the air to stretch. “I’m going back to my dorm to get changed if we’re going somewhere,” she stated.

“That will take too long,” Lilly protested, picking up Jane’s clothes from the ground and holding them out towards the teen, “Put these back on, and then we can go.”

“I’m not going out in those; they’re dirty and stink. I’ll put them back on to walk across campus, I’ll change, and then I’ll meet you at the bus stop.”

Lilly wasn’t going to take no for an answer, “Just wear those, it’s fine. Besides, they aren’t that dirty. You wore them for like one day, and now you can wear them again; as if you haven’t done that before. I would maybe understand if you pooped in your pants like I did.”

It was true; Jane had re-worn dirty clothes on several occasions. The week she spent on vacation with her family where she didn’t change her panties once was one of these and a certainly more noteworthy one at that. “I don’t know…” she still wasn’t convinced.

“Tell you what, I’m busy tonight so after we go do what I have planned, you can go home and take a shower. You’ll only be in those clothes a few hours tops,” Lilly offered.

Too tired to argue further and knowing she had lost, Jane slipped on her underwear, t-shirt, and jeans once again. It was at this moment that she was regretting her bold choice of lingerie as it was not comfortable in the slightest. “Ok, let’s go I guess…” she moaned, buttoning up her pants.

“I have to change first, just give me a second.” The look on Jane’s face was priceless; equally mad and impressed. “What? I’m not going out wearing this old-ass t-shirt,” Lilly grinned, going to her wardrobe and grabbing out a floral dress. Pulling off her shirt and sweatpants, she pulled the dress on over her head.

The thin fabric and low neckline were asking for trouble with breasts the size of Lilly’s; Jane was sure one was going to pop out at any second. The fact that she was wearing a bra that looked about two sizes too small wasn’t given Jane any more confidence. That being said, the girl did look stunning. Outside of making her chest look amazing, the dress fell just below her knees and showed off her toned calves. Around her waist, it hung just tight enough to show off her curves and shapely rear. Jane felt even more embarrassed about what she was wearing.

“Ok, ready to go,” Lilly announced, pulling her hair into a tight ponytail to hide her bedhead.

“That’s hardly fair; you won’t let me go change and now you’re dressing all fancy.”

“It’s not fancy, stop being so dramatic,” she walked over to her desk, grabbing a small purse and slinging it over her shoulder. Grabbing Jane’s hand as she walked past, Lilly led the teen out of the room and into the hallway, locking the door behind them. “Ok, time to go catch the bus!” she declared cheerfully, yanking Jane alongside her.

“Where are we taking the bus to?” the teen sighed, surrendering herself to Lilly’s whims.

“You’ll see.”

* * * * *

Despite asking many more times during their journey, Jane was still not given any further details kaçak bahis of their destination. The bus wasn’t too crowded, but the entire time she was worried that someone was going to notice her strong smell. Wearing dirty clothes wasn’t great to begin with, but the teen realized far too late that she didn’t apply deodorant and the hot bus was making her sweat. She felt her underarms a few times, her fingers being met with damp fabric. Though she couldn’t see any signs of moisture showing through, sniffing her fingers afterward certainly confirmed her worries that she stank.

She kept her arms pinned to her side for most of the ride as a result, focusing on figuring out where they might be going. Her unfamiliarity with the local area and bus routes meant she was unable to even take a guess; perhaps she should leave campus more. Fortunately, Lilly seemed to have the situation under control and, after about ten minutes, she finally pulled the cord notifying the bus driver to let them out at the next stop.

Stepping off the bus, Jane found herself standing in front of a mall of significant size, larger than any she had ever been to anyway. “All that to go to a mall?” she asked Lilly as the girl came off the bus behind her.

“Well, yeah,” Lilly said bluntly, walking up to the front door, “Don’t worry, I need to do something, and I thought you could help me.”

Jogging to catch up, Jane passed through the door being held open for her, “What? Is it going to take long?”

“So full of questions,” Lilly sighed, “Just trust me, come on.”

Called out, Jane remained silent with a huff, following Lilly as they made their way through the relatively crowded central hallway of the shopping center. They passed a couple of stores that Jane wouldn’t mind shopping in, but Lilly kept her fast pace meaning the teen couldn’t linger long. She saw a particularly nice shirt in one store that she was interested in trying on, but Lilly promptly shut down her request to go inside. So, with reluctance, she continued forward.

“It should be…” Lilly said under her breath as she rounded the corner, “Yep! Here we are.”

Looking up at the vibrant sign, Jane was quite surprised to find herself standing in front of a lingerie store, and one of the more risqué ones at that. “We’re buying… underwear?” the teen asked, confused.

“Yeah, if you’re ok with it. I just… you know… wanted to look more like you.” The strong, commanding attitude that Lilly had since Jane woke up quickly faded and she became the shy girl once again.

“You could have told me that before and I still would’ve come,” Jane admitted. She didn’t realize that Lilly felt so embarrassed about not having nice lingerie, so much so that she had to come out immediately the next morning to buy some. Jane just hoped that she wasn’t the primary cause for it or pushed Lilly too far out of her comfort zone.

“Really? It’s not too… awkward or anything?” Lilly blushed.

“No? Just do be so secretive next time. That part was weird.”

With a newfound giddiness, Lilly clutched Jane’s hand and they walked inside the store. For someone who had never shopped for lingerie — or so Jane assumed — she could understand how Lilly could be overwhelmed. She herself didn’t really need anything as she had bought quite a bit a few weeks prior on a trip with Anna and Chloe, so she just focused on helping Lilly for the time being.

It seemed that wasn’t entirely needed, though, as an employee quickly sprang to action upon seeing the two girls entering the store. “Hello, have you guys shopped with us before?” the young woman asked, smiling at them

“Not this location but I’ve been in your stores before,” Jane answered truthfully.

“I haven’t,” Lilly’s response was much quieter, barely audible over the music playing in the store.

“That’s ok, would you like me to help you out then?” the woman directed her question to Lilly.

Looking at the girl, Jane could tell that she was unsure of the situation. So, to put her at ease, Jane gave her a little nudge and whispered in her ear, “Do you want her to help us? I think it might be good since you haven’t done this before; I assume her assistance will be much more beneficial than mine.”

“Yeah, ok,” Lilly blushed, looking at the floor to avoid eye contact.

“Sounds good. My name is Ayla,” she gestured to her name tag, “And don’t be nervous; I’ve seen just about everything in this job.” With that, she took Lilly to the first display of bras to go over the basics.

Jane considered following but decided that she would act more as an awkward third wheel than anything so, instead, she found a plush armchair in the back corner of the store and took a seat. She watched Lilly for a bit, but the girl seemed to be doing fine. So, to kill some time, Jane took out her phone.

Surprisingly, she had a text from Bethany. The two hadn’t hung out much since school started due to both making other friends and the workload. Jane had considered doing something similar herself, but she was glad Bethany did it first.

Bethany: Did you want to do something tomorrow?

Jane: Sorry, I agreed to help someone from my class with homework. What about Monday?

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